Perforated Band Ceramic Heater

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COMHEATER’S Air cooled ceramic band heaters are designed for super efficient & economical cooling on extrusion and blow molding machines. These heaters are band ceramic heaters manufactured by perforated metal steel. These heaters are 60% open for maximum surface exposure for better cooling. These heaters are covered with blower jacket for mounting with blower. The advantages of these heaters are lower cost, easy replacement and uniform temperature control.

Working Principle:-

  • Maximum watt density = 60 watts/Sq.inch.
  • By use of higher temperature, faster off sequence is possible
  • Use of special ceramic material (Steatite) high thermal conductivity is obtained.
  • The heaters are fabricated with heavy gauge of stainless steel perforated sheath. The heating coils (80/20 nichrome wire) inserted in the holes of steatite ceramic insulators, the protective junction box with Teflon insulated lead wires, the spot welded clamping provides a uniform claiming force. This rugged construction results in longer heater life.
  • For the blower air cooling process. Application, the perforated ceramic heater can be manufactured as per your specification.