Ceramic Band Heaters

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COMHEATERS’s Band Ceramic Heaters are developed to meet industrial heating requirements for high temperature which calls for ever-increasing process temperature. Band Ceramic Heaters are made of helically wound 80/20 nichrome wire evenly stretched and precisely strung through a specially designed steatite ceramic bricks forming a flexible heating mat. It is then placed in flexible stainless steel housing with cerawool insulation. These heaters are flexible & can be fitted easily.


  • Specially to heat the cylinders on all types of plastic processing machinery.
  • Maximum watt density = 50 watts/sq.inch in comparison to mica band heaters.
  • By the Use of higher temperature a faster off sequence is possible. Use of special steatite ceramic material provides very good utilization & transfer of heat.
  • Particularly suited to heat the cylinder on all types of plastic machinery, working temperature up to 500 Celsius (Sheath temperature 800 Celsius).
  • The heaters are fabricated with heavy gauge of stainless steel sheath, built in insulation. The heating coils (80/20 nichrome wire) inserted in the holes of steatite ceramic insulators, the spot welded clamping provides a uniform clamping force. This rugged construction results in longer heater life. Elements are bypassed at thermocouple holes.