Flanged Immersion Heaters

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FLANGED IMMERSION HEATERS are designed to suit variety of liquid and non- flame proof gas heating applications. The standard heater consists of a number of tubular elements formed to shape and fitted into a carbon steel or stainless steel flange. Depending upon the number of elements and the customer’s requirements the heater can be wired in stages. suitable for use on a 3 phase supply A robust terminal cover is supplied to protect the electrical connections. The number of elements fitted depends upon the media to be heated and the kilowatt rating required. copper sheathed elements are used for heating water, and stainless steel elements are used for heating oil, For other applications a variety of sheath materials are available. The standard range available is from 3 Kw - 180 Kw. The heaters are designed for either single phase or 3 phase supply. Whilst our standard range of flanges is based on “D” TABLE. We shall also be pleased to quote for heaters to suit special applications. When making enquiries please give following information : Heaters for flame proof application is our speciality 1) Liquid or gas to be heated 2) Kilowatt rating required 3) Voltage - single or 3 phase 4) Inlet & outlet temperatures 5) Heat up time required 6) working pressure 7) Heater location details 8) Temperature controls required.