Tiltable Trolley Type Drum Heaters

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Comheaters drum heater has been designed to overcome the problem to handling and heating -5 g&!c drums containing oil, wax. resin, fats, food products or chemicals. The specially constructed uñar ste. frame of the unit enables f 5 gallon drums to be quickly and simply lifted into a horizontol disperin position without the aid of hoists or ramps. The unit is mobile, being fitted with four Castor wheels wit Optional brake feature.This enables 45 gallon drums to be readily transported in stores and productio areas.The 6kW heating unit consists of inconel sheathed heating elements which are located within polished aluminum reflector. The elements are controlled by a 3-heat rotary switch and the unit is equippe vith a heavy duty. metal clad, shrouded plug and socket, designed so that the mains supply cable can readily detached from the unit while drums are being loaded, transported or unloaded. Other safety feature incorporeted in the design of the unit inclume a wire mesh elements guard, a mains-on neon warning hg! and drain holes in the polished aluminium reflector to cope with accidental spillage.
The radiant heating unit can be supplied separately or complete with the wheeled, tubular stand. Standard units are available for operation on 230/415 volts, 50 Hz AC/DC, Electricity Supply
Note :This unit should not be used for heating drums containing highly inflammable liquids.
OUT FLOW HEATER used to reduce the viscosity of the oil, from main tank to day tan Installed on the outlet of main tank which helps in continuos flow oil
Construction: material M.S. flanges, pipes, etc.
Capacity: 9 to 24 kw, 230 volts AC 50 Hz
Length: 27” to 36” long with automatic thermostats to control ti temperature of range from 60° C. to 1100 C
A complete unit with panel board with indicators of each heaters Note : Removable Element without draining Tank
used to drain out the oil from the transporter tanker to the ma tanker in factory available in 6 kw. 230 volts AC 50 Hz wi wooden handle