Short Wave Infrared Heaters

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Made out of 8.2 to 8.5mm dia chrome Nickel Steel Tube for mounting on side of vessels. Easy to remove and clean. Fitted with junction box for terminating the power line suitable for alkaline solutions to 90C.


  • PET preform heting in stretch blow moulding machines.
  • Paint backing.
  • Rubber coating drying.
  • Soldering fusing in PCB industries.
  • Sterilizing! mirror coating drying in glass industries.
  • Printing ink drying in offset machines.
  • Impregnation plants.
  • Paper coating drying.
  • All type of laminations.
  • Preheating prior to embossing.
  • Screen printing curing on T-shirt & textiles.

Applicable To

  • Machine . Metal : Drying of machinery parts and coatings
  • Plastic : Heating of thermosetting or thermoplastic resin Preheating of shrink film or molds. Welding of resins
  • Paper . Print : Drying of moisture Drying of ink for offset and gravure print
  • Electronic.Electricity : Drying of soldering or resin coating, epitaxial growth instrument. Sputtering, cuing of marking ink
  • Fiber : Drying of moisture or starching
  • Coating : Drying of enamel and moisture
  • Vacuum Heating : Vacuum evaporation and heating
  • Casting : Preheating of molds